My name is Poppy, and I am the author of Poppy’s Wild Kitchen. You are free to jump straight below to find out more about me. However, may I ask you an important question first? Why are you here?

The Mission

Let me guess. Not only do you love to eat, but you also want to be your most vibrant self. Then you have landed in the right spot. You already know that eating more plants is a decisive step in reaching that goal. I am here to help you learn to cook with extraordinary, delicious plants.

But making the shift to cooking predominantly with plants, especially unfamiliar ones, can be confusing, right? Well, fret no more. I’ve been on the same hunt and am creating a world of user-friendly recipes for you. It’s my mission to make sure you always have something fresh and new to look forward to.

What’s In Poppy’s Kitchen

You will find recipes that feature gorgeous fruits and vegetables from a tropical climate to inspire your culinary skills no matter where you live. Wholesome, organic, and plant-based ingredients all contribute to nutrient-dense dishes free from artificial additives and processed foods. Best of all, you won’t be wasting your time on boring, bland plates. There are just too many exquisite recipes to be savored. Freshness is key in Poppy’s Wild Kitchen, and innovative techniques will help you become a capable, plant-based chef in no time.

Find Your Favorites

Whether you are a beginner after quick and healthy or want a challenge because you don’t blink an eye at terms like autolyze, you’ll find mouth-watering recipes. The website is set up to make it easy to find just what you are after. Search for your favorites by clicking on any category in the recipe drop-down. The sidebar and bottom scroll hold even more choices like Under 30 Minutes, International, or even Wild Foraged. Finally, use the search bar at the top of every page for anything else, including dietary preferences such as gluten-free or sugar-free. Bingo, you are good to go.

Secrets About Poppy

Ok, so here’s the scoop I promised on Poppy. My mother loves to tell a story about how I smacked my lips at my first baby foods. I am sure I am not alone in that. The surprising thing though, is one of my first baby foods was smoked oysters! Another thing about my childhood only my closest friends know is that I auditioned at nine years of age for the Ed Sullivan Show. Despite my polka-dotted pink tutu, tap shoes and enthusiasm, I didn’t pass the test.

That’s ok since I still had my favorite childhood TV show, Gilligan’s Island, to console myself. I cringe when I look at the outdated sitcom now. However, back in the day, young Poppy was enthralled with the romance of being stuck on an island rich with tropical plants. Certainly, the ocean has always been a significant part of my life. I grew up near the cold saltwater in Monterey, CA, and I could read the voyage of Kon Tiki over a million times.

Poppy Today

I still have an adventurous taste. But now I understand there are much healthier foods than smoked oysters to keep me dancing. When I’m not bouncing in the kitchen creating recipes or photographing and writing about them for you, I’m likely to be outdoors.

Now I don’t live on Gilligan’s Island, but I did make it to the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Maui. A short trek from my house are some of the same wild and exotic foods MaryAnn made into pancakes and the Professor into glue. Now that our children are grown, I share a deep gratitude with their magnificent father, the love of my life. We couldn’t be happier to call this true paradise with it’s warmer waters our permanent home.

The Garden

Here I also have the privilege of working in a community garden. It’s good, hard work and the rewards of struggling are one-hundred fold. It keeps me healthy in body and spirit. Not only do I have access to the treasures that show up in your recipes, but gardening nurtures my love affair with plants and feeds my insatiable appetite to learn more.

Furthermore, I am happy I can donate food to our local community and be connected to a larger family. Even if the most you can do is grow fresh herbs under your window sill and share them with a friend, I highly recommend growing something. I guarantee it will benefit your life more than you can imagine.

Your Life Ahead

So, that’s Poppy’s Wild Kitchen in a nutshell. I hope you’ve found what you are looking for and we will become fast friends. Plant-based whole foods, organic and wild dishes are eagerly waiting to fill your table and nourish your body. Here’s a toast to your vibrant self. May you enjoy the scrumptious recipes. May you thrive and manifest your potential!